Future Potential of Dreams
Gallery CLU


We are three women, raised in Seattle, using art as a means of investigating our experience in the surrounding landscape, both wild and temperate, city and sanctuary. Adding external senses to the photographic image, including language, scent, and taste, we harness the potential of the image to capture and contain the memories of the past, present and future. We manipulate, collage, contrast, and dissect and we make these images our own.

'Future Potential of Dreams' features new photographic work by artists Megumi Shauna Arai, Yael Nov and Serrah Russell as they transform and manipulate the physicality of the image as a way to investigate its power and potential in manipulating memory, as both dreams and facts emerge.



Digital Archival Prints paired with hand-blended scents

Scent is the strongest sensory link to memory and emotion with the power to transport you to a time, place, or person. Just as a photograph makes present a moment from the past, scent has the ability to manipulate time and evoke emotions from another place. I attempt to transform landscapes through the visual and olfactory; these landscapes of my birth, travels, family history, and home. A particular dense green with the scent of fir needle becomes my parent’s garden in Seattle, the warm yellow afternoon light and a delicate balance of cigarettes and orange blossom become Tel Aviv. While these connections may be my own, each viewer will have their own associations, allowing for an intimate and ever changing experience and the potential for the creation of a new memory linked to this moment.